The Most Effective NATURAL Hyperuricemia Treatment

The Most Effective NATURAL Hyperuricemia Treatment

January 7, 2018 Hyperuricemia 0


Depending in medications for gout and hyperuricemia is not a mortal sin. Still, it is mortal. The sad fact of life is, all man-made medications for gout will yield little to no results. In fact, they will yield huge results, if the results we are talking about is the side effects.

Do not get this wrong. I have no intention of destroying the names of gout medications. I am here to convey an objective and undeniable truth.

This article aims to introduce a natural hyperuricemia treatment which addresses the factors that modern medicine failed to address.

Human FEATS versus Nature’s BOON: Natural versus Artificial Hyperuricemia Treatment

There is no need to start a poll here. Surely, everyone will agree that nature is much more powerful than the artificial milestones we achieved. Because of this, scientists began to understand and imitate the power of nature. This is called biomimetics. Sadly, medications for hyperuricemia and gout does the opposite of biomimetics. Instead of utilizing the power of nature, these medications interrupt nature’s design. As we should know, nature’s design will work the way it should, unless we disrupt a morsel of its effective design.

A concrete example of human race’s foolish attempt to disrupt mother nature is allopurinol.  Allopurinol is renowned for its ability to almost instantly lower uric acid. But, many failed to realize that this effect will not last for a long time. This is because allopurinol neither flush the uric acid out nor stop its production. As a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, it only pauses the production of uric acid by heading straight to the liver, reacting with xanthine oxidase (the enzyme responsible for breaking down purine into uric acid) thus reducing the production of uric acid. Sadly, your body is ingeniously designed in such a way that intervening with a single process will sow discord in the whole body. Purine will not be flushed out unless it is broken down to uric acid. Why break it down into uric acid if you can flush it out as purine, right? Hence, purine will accumulate. Uric acid production is paused for a short while, but after a few weeks uric acid will rush as if you opened a flood gate thus causing either severe gout attacks (for those suffering gout) or high uric acid level. Allopurinol is definitely not a good hyperuricemia treatment.

Despite the fact that natural products are better choices as hyperuricemia treatments, you should still be very careful. Nature is indeed powerful if and only if utilized the right way. Remember, lions and tigers are from nature, but they will not hesitate when it comes to devouring you. Many natural solutions out there are natural, but not solutions at all. For instance, many websites, self-proclaimed natural medicine experts and scammers out there claim that cherries are very good for gout and hyperuricemia. This is somehow true because of the antioxidant properties of cherries, but the claim that it exhibits properties of xanthine oxidase inhibitors was never proven (except for mice). Without sufficient proof nor logical explanation, many decided to embark on ventures involving supplements primarily based on cherries, turmeric, grapeseed extracts and many other natural products, all supported by none but inconclusive studies.

The RIGHT Approach. . .

Of course, the right approach in treating hyperuricemia is the NATURAL path. More specifically, it is the right natural path. If you end up taking worthless fruits-and-roots brew for your hyperuricemia, it will be as useless as taking ineffective drugs.

The right hyperuricemia treatment approach. . . is not exactly what you have most likely expected. No. We will not block the production of uric acid. Doing such a thing is like putting a pair of boots in the oven toaster to be cooked. You’ll encounter a problem either because the oven toaster broke down or your stomach broke down because a boot is not meant to be eaten, just like how your body will breakdown as purine is supposed to be disposed as uric acid. Hence, you should focus in increasing the rate of uric acid flush-out. Remember, in a system there will always be an output and an input. If the input can not be controlled, then focus on the output! Help your body flush the uric acid out.

Are you tired of being awakened late midnight by the burning inflammation of gout? Are you tired of the everyday obstruction caused by inflamed joints? Or maybe you are tired of horrifying cries of pain from the people you love who suffer from gout? You are missing a lot of things because of the restraints of gout. You want freedom? Worry no more. There is a natural yet effective approach in eliminating those problems. Mark my words: kill the roots and the grass will no longer grow. Eliminate acidosis and cure your gout!

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