The MISSING Pathway In Standard Hyperuricemia Definition

The MISSING Pathway In Standard Hyperuricemia Definition

January 7, 2018 Hyperuricemia 0

One can easily arrive at concluding that the definition of hyperuricemia is “abnormally high uric acid”, as the prefix “hyper” suggest. To some extent, this is true, as this is recognized as the standard hyperuricemia definition. But, always bear in mind that “standard” does not mean complete nor it means correct. Remember, even the standard treatment for gout ends in nothing but an uncured lump and a chain of side effects. Did your standard medical practitioner ever mentioned that allopurinol only pauses your uric acid production and cause a “tsunami” of uric acid sooner or later? Most likely not.

Hyperuricemia and Gout, as mysterious diseases, can not be contained in anything “standard”. The standard treatment fails and the standard medications do nothing then cause a series of side effects. Even the standard definition failed to touch every aspect and left a thin bare-bone definition.

This article aims to explain hyperuricemia definition, in a non-standard way.

Hyperuricemia in a NON-STANDARD Point-of-View

The standard hyperuricemia definition is correct, but is limited. It only succeeded in addressing one of the many faces of hyperuricemia.

A more complete, yet not generally accepted definition will be:

“Hyperuricemia is a condition characterized by abnormally high uric acid level, and has a large chance of inflicting diabetes, hypertension, cancer and many other diseases”.

It is quite unimaginable to think that high uric acid level can cause high blood sugar, high hypertension and even cancer, but it CAN.

Hyperuricemia = HORDE of Free Radical

Here is something that the standard hyperuricemia definition failed to touch:

The presence of too much uric acid means the presence of too much free radicals. By radical, we do not mean that a violent extremist will beat your body to a pulp, but this kind of radical is as destructive as a horde of extremist who will chase you to the ends of the earth just to harm you.

A radical is an atom without an unpaired electron. Sounds rocket science? Think of it like this:

We, humans, sought to live with a special someone at least once in our life. Electrons, too, do not want to be forever alone. An electron will always seek another electron it can couple with. If we can go the extra mile to find someone to be our partner, so do the electrons. Sometimes, we are even willing to steal the man/woman of our dreams. The electrons will steal as well, and they surely will as long as they are not in a pair. An atom with an unpaired electron will steal electrons from other atoms. In some cases, the atom will share its unpaired electron to create a pair with another atom with its own unpaired electron.

Just like human romantic affairs and third parties, such instances can get very messy. When a man with a family falls for another woman, it can affect the whole family. Surely, grief, wrath and maybe even vendetta can devour the entire family. Practically speaking, it can change the roles in the family (for example, forcing the mother to work for a living). The family will no longer function as it normally should, just like how an atom’s behavior will change if it loses or gains an electron.

So what does it has to do with the non-standard hyperuricemia definition? Read on and you will soon realize.

If you have hyperuricemia, it means that you have lots of acids, specifically uric acid. This in turn means that you have an army of Hydrogen atoms inside you since acidity is the concentration of Hydrogen atoms. If you look at the periodic table, you will see that Hydrogen is atomic number 1, which also signifies that it only has a single electron; an electron that will have to be forever alone, unless it steals another electron from another atom. The twist here is, a “victimized” atom will be a free radical itself. You can imagine yourself disintegrating from the inside out as the movement of electrons cause a huge chaos in your body, slowly destroying cells in the process. As the structure of the atoms of the cells change, the cells’ functionalities are ruined as well. For instance, the insulin receptors of the cells are destroyed thus slowly causing diabetes!

The effects of too much acids in your body will be too many for a single article to contain. We have an unpublished book (which will be published soon) entitled Unsickable, which you can read freely in the web. You can read it to find out more about the effects of free radicals, how it causes hypertension, cancer and many other diseases. You can also check out our non-standard but more effective approach in treating gout and hyperuricemia..

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