Following Hyperuricemia Diet Alone WILL NOT Cure Your Gout!

Following Hyperuricemia Diet Alone WILL NOT Cure Your Gout!

January 7, 2018 Hyperuricemia 0


Surely, when it comes to hyperuricemia and gout everyone will tell you to go stop eating meat, stop drinking beer and stop taking other purine-rich foods. Most of your treatments will simply revolve around a hyperuricemia diet.

Google it and you will come across multiple gout diet plans. Some even make money by selling e-books revolving around those diet plans. Believe me when I say that many of them does not make sense.

Let us go straight to the point: Your hyperuricemia diet will help, but it will NEVER cure your gout.

This article aims to explain how your hyperuricemia diet will help, and how it will be useless in the long run.

The Uric Acid DAM

Dams are great achievements of engineering and architecture. It is amazing how this man-made structure utilizes physics in order to mitigate floods, supply water or provide electricity.

No matter the purpose, all dams hold water. If the pressure of the stored water reaches a very critical stage, the dam may break and cause damage and deaths and even poisoning if it is a mining dam. . Water in the dam’s reservoir will naturally increase as the river flows and as rain occurs. It is impossible to decrease the amount of rain pouring from the sky and the water flowing from the river. Hence, water is “flushed-out” through floodgates in a regulated manner.

Now here is a twist: what if the control systems fail and some of the floodgates get stuck and will not open, and for some unknown reason it was decided that the dam will not be repaired? As time passes by rain will pour and the river will flow, and the reservoir will eventually be full, and will eventually break.

The same thing can happen in your liver and kidneys. If your reservoir gets full, your uric acid dam will burst and cause damage, such as gout and other complications. Just like the rain and the flow of the river, you have no total control for the input of uric acid in your body (more on that later). This situation will be worsened if your floodgates (liver and kidney) are messed up.

Purine River

Just like a river continuously supplying a dam’s reservoir, you can not totally cut down the supply of purine in your body, because purine naturally exists inside you. Purine is the building block of cell DNA and the building block of your body is cells. Therefore, you yourself is composed of purine. Cells will die and will release purine in the bloodstream. This process is an endless cycle. This is a truth you can not change.

You can choose to stop eating purine rich foods. Unfortunately, purine rich foods are also your primary source of magnesium. If you continue in refraining from eating those foods, you will end up with a kidney stone which will of course worsen your hyperuricemia. As a vital part of a healthy diet, you can not totally remove it from the list of your “foods-I-can-eat”.

Uric Acid Floodgates

Your body’s uric acid floodgates are mainly the liver and the kidneys. The GI tract is involved as well, but 70% of the uric acid is taken care by the liver and the kidneys. I said earlier that you can not totally cut off your supply of purine. Focusing in your flood gates is a much better approach.

The RIGHT Hyperuricemia Diet

The goal of a proper hyperuricemia diet is not to cut off your purine river, but to regulate it and boost the efficiency of your floodgates. The key here is proper moderation. If you decide to reduce the supply of purine rich food, you will need a good substitute for magnesium, such as calcium so that you can still avoid kidney stones. A good source of calcium will be an ionic calcium supplement. Furthermore, adding ionic calcium to your glass of water will help boost your uric acid flush-out rate This is because the presence of calcium increases the pH of the your ordinary water, making it alkaline. Only alkaline can neutralize acids. Therefore, by hydrating your cells with alkaline water, you will increase your floodgate’s efficiency.

Are you tired of being awakened late midnight by the burning inflammation of gout? Are you tired of the everyday obstruction caused by inflamed joints? Or maybe you are tired of horrifying cries of pain from the people you love who suffer from gout? You are missing a lot of things because of the restraints of gout. You want freedom? Worry no more. There is a natural yet effective approach in eliminating those problems. Mark my words: kill the roots and the grass will no longer grow. Eliminate acidosis and cure your gout!


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