Eating Too Much Meat is ONE of The Hyperuricemia Causes

Eating Too Much Meat is ONE of The Hyperuricemia Causes

January 7, 2018 Hyperuricemia 0


Hyperuricemia is one complex series of mazes and puzzles. You can get lost tracking the pathway of its causes, symptoms and complications, and as you go deeper and deeper you may end up asking “Hey, is this still hyperurecemia?”  No wonder why even doctors are baffled by the mystified aspects of hyperuricemia.

By the way, did you know that if you are in a maze and you can track the edge, touch the walls at the edge and follow it, then you will eventually reach the exit? Just like solving those mazes, finding the pathways of the hyperuricemia labyrinth has a right approach.

This article aims to explain the “entrance” part of the hyperuricemia maze. Read on and soon, you will find out the hyperuricemia causes that even most doctors failed to realize.

The Most RENOWNED Cause of Hyperuricemia

Nobody can deny that too much meat can cause hyperuricemia. If you are a hyperuricemia sufferer, it is most likely that you are aware that meat is a primary source of purine, which in turn is the source of uric acid. The twist here is, purine is in fact present in every food you eat. In fact, purine will appear in your body even if you do not take purine rich foods because purine is found in the DNA of the cells. Whether you like it or not, cells in your body will die thus producing purine in the process. Furthermore, your body will break down your purine-rich tissues to provide energy if you starve. Hence, ironic as it is, purine will be present even if you decided not to eat anything at all.

But do not worry. Your body is engineered to be able to flush all those uric acid out. In case you overeat for a day, there will still be extra space for uric acid to accumulate. Here is the ironic question: if your body can flush all those uric acid out, why does hyperurecima occurs?

Hyperuricemia Causes That Experts FAILED To Recognize

Usually, your doctor will refrain you from taking too much purine from foods. That is because we see hyperuricemia as “high uric acid level” and therefore we try to solve it by not adding more uric acid into your stash. How about redefining hyperuricemia? What if we consider hyperuricemia as “low uric acid flush-out rate”? This way, we can create another perspective in understanding hyperuricemia causes.

As mentioned above, your body is well-designed so it can flush all those uric acid out. But, there will be exceptions. Think of a very competent and dedicated employee. He loves the job so much that he exerts his extra time to finish additional tasks thus making his output worth the output of 10 normal employees. But, what if you add an extra challenge? For instance, for some weird and out-of-this-world reason you decided to tie his hand and blindfold him. Surely, he will fail at those tasks. He will not be able to reach your daily expectation causing the unfinished task to accumulate daily.

Now think of the same competent employee. This time you did not decide to be a villain in his life, though the employee decided to take a part time job as a side income. In this case, he will not be able to dedicate his extra time for extramile work. Hence, the output he produces is reduced.

As you see, there are two things that contributed to the reduced productivity of the employee: handicap and another job. This is the same case for your body. If your excretory system (e.g, your liver or kidney is damaged) is handicapped, your processing rate of uric acid will be minimized. The excretory system will also not be able to finish the task if there are plenty of other stuff it has to take care of, such as excretion of extra acids or the regulation of your blood’s pH.

Therefore, there are two hyperuricemia causes: the input and the output. It is almost impossible to eliminate the input. Hence, to cure your hyperuricemia, you should boost your uric acid output

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