Gout Is NOT The Only Hyperuricemia Complications

Gout Is NOT The Only Hyperuricemia Complications

January 7, 2018 Hyperuricemia Q&A on Gout 0

Gout Is NOT The Only Hyperuricemia Complications

Gout is almost a fraternal twin brother to hyperuricemia. It is almost a given that if you have gout, you are most likely suffering from hyperuricemia as well, or vice versa. But, they are actually not just twins. They are even triplets, maybe nonuplets, or maybe a vast network of brothers with different moms with the same dad (hyperuricemia). The problem is, these poor siblings have seemingly unrelated traits hence we fail to recognize that they are related.

This article aims to explain a family of hyperuricemia complications. Believe me when I say that many of them will surprise you.

The most recognized Hyperuricemia Complications

Hyperuricemia is usually associated with several liver and kidney complications as both of them are directly involved in the excretion of uric acid.

Prolonged hyperuricemia will likely cause nephrolithiasis (kidney stone), nephropathy, and even kidney failure.

When uric acid reacts with oxalates, uric acid kidney stones may form in the liver. In some cases, the stone will be flushed out without the sufferer even knowing it. However, there are also cases that it causes severe pain as it moves in the urinary tract. In worst cases, the tubules are blocked by microscopic urate crystals which can cause kidney failure in the long run.

Hyperuricemia Complications many FAILED To Anticipate

Here is an unpleasant surprise: hyperuricemia can cause hypertension, diabetes, cancer and many other degenerative and cardiovascular diseases. As a proof, youu can check this research about hyperuricemia and cardiovascular diseases

You may think that we are exaggerating, but there is no hyperbole here. Too much uric acid can cause too much blood pressure, too much blood sugar and too much rebellious cells that will cause cancer. Actually, it can cause every disease you can imagine.

So how does it happen? First of all, you should know that these diseases causes double risks. Acquiring one of them is like adding fuel to the fire, and as the fire expands, it reaches out random objects around it, devouring them as fuel. Hence, the fire expands even more every time it sets something aflame. Acquiring hyperuricemia will spark a chain reaction.

The first flame it lights are degenerative diseases. By degenerative diseases, we refer to those diseases that results from damages to the cells, your building block of life. One good example of a degenerative disease is diabetes type II, which results from damage to the insulin receptors of your cells.

Usually, hyperuricemia will ignite either a direct damage to the excretory system or a degenerative disease. Once hyperuricemia sets in, the acidity of your blood increases. This will result to a higher concentration of the worst kind of free radical: Hydrogen atoms. This is because the more acidic a substance is, the more Hydrogen atoms there will be. A free radical will steal electrons from the atoms of your cells thus altering their chemical composition and function hence causing damage.

Let’s say you acquire hyperuricemia. As your cells gets damaged, they become insulin resistant. This will spark diabetes. As your diabetes worsens, it will cause damage all around your body, including damages to your kidneys. Such damage can be minor and can be repaired by your body, but as more and more nerves and tubules are damaged, this can result to diabetic nephropathy. If your kidneys are damaged, the maintenance of uric acid in your body is impaired. Hence, hyperuricemia worsens. As hyperuricemia worsens, your diabetes worsens as more free radicals accumulate. As if this is not enough, hypertension goes next. Your blood vessels will tighten as glucose stick to its walls. Added to this is the impaired maintenance of your blood pressure due to the impairment of the liver’s and kidney’s role in maintaining blood pressure. Glucose filled blood will also require more pressure to make them flow. Because of this, there are multiple risk factors that will lead to hypertension. That is not all. Hypertension will further damage the kidneys, worsening the situation. Again, the damaged kidney will lead to worse hyperuricemia. The cycle continues until your body catches every disease you can imagine. Even the deadly cancer can take over as your cells are forced to mutate because they can not survive your hostile internal environment.

This is only one of the thousand possibilities that can occur. These diseases form a vast network of possible complications. It is possible that your get kidney damage first, which will lead to hyperuricemia and degenerative diseases. Sadly, the combinations are almost inifinite.

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