How to Cure Hyperuricemia

How to Cure Hyperuricemia

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Modern medicinal science consider many diseases as genetic. In some cases, they do so even the studies conducted merely states that “X number of parents who suffers from Y disease had Z number of children who also suffered from the same disease”. In some cases however, there are proof.

One such disease is hyperuricemia. It can be a ticking time bomb that may detonate and destroy your kidneys or turn into mysterious lumps called gout.

Are we to accept that it is this fate? Surely, we will not. No matter how imprinted it is in our DNA, we can affect the demolition of the bomb in both major and subtle way. In fact, even if the bomb has detonated we can reverse the damage. This article aims to explain how to cure hyperuricemia.

We will discuss Hyperuricemia by approaching it in both medical and unconventional way.

What is Hyperuricemia

Hyperuricemia is a condition wherein uric acid concentration in the body is too much. This can cause overburdening and severe damage to the kidneys. Over time, the accumulated uric acid can also cause gout.

The Traditional Approach

What causes Hyperuricemia

To understand how to cure hyperuricemia, we should understand how it works first.

There are two major causes of hyperuricemia: genetics and diet.


Genetic hyperuricemia is caused by a condition called Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, or the mutation of HPRT gene in the X-chromosome. In human language, it means that female are almost unaffected by the syndrome.

The mutation causes deficiency in hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase or HPRT which is necessary in the recycling of purine. Without such recycler, cell DNA will deteriorate and increase unused purine which is then broken down into uric acid.

It can also be caused by genetic effects to the thyroid glands.


Since uric acid results from purine breakdown, high-purine foods can cause hyperuricemia. Purine rich foods includes organ meat, processed meat, most leafy vegetables and many more.

The Unconventional Approach


Commonly Overlooked Cause of Hyperuricemia


Aside from genetics, culture is a cause for diet preference inheritance. What your grandparents eat will be adapted by your parents, and eventually you will adapt your parent’s dietary preference. For instance, you will be more exposed to the purine-oozing meat if your father loves barbeque parties.

Rapid Cell Death

Since purine is a building block for the cells, rapid cell death can cause chunks of purine to flow back in the bloodstream. Normal cell death (especially death from apoptosis) is tolerable. But when cells are massacred (such as when treating tumors or cancer), too much purine can cause too much uric acid.

How to Cure Hyperuricemia

To cure hyperuricemia, we should take all causes into account.

Genetics is irreversible, except for the part of diet preference inheritance. This can be countered with force of will. Surely, the sensation of eating a mouth-watering piece of meat is satisfying, but consequences can be severe. However, you should NOT totally eliminate purine in your diet. Remember its roll?  It is necessary as a building block of the DNA.

Now, if we can not eliminate the gene problem and we can not completely stop eating purine, it is hard to imagine how to cure hyperurecemia. But we can.

We will focus on eliminating uric acid itself.

Eliminating Uric Acid

Knowing how to eliminate uric acid is equivalent to knowing how to cure hyperurecemia. Hence, without further ado, here is our proposed solution.

Acids are sworn enemies of bases (or alkaline as they are commonly known). If we are to wage war against uric acid, we should enlist the aid of alkaline.


The question now is, how will you affect the acid-to-alkaline ratio of your body.

We will use the very pathway your body utilizes to absorb nutrients; Water. In short, we will try to fight uric acid with alkaline water.

Your cells are surrounded by fluids called interstitial fluids. It is the “habitat” of the cell. Excess acids are dumped here to balance the acidity of your body. Uric acid is also stockpiled here. By hydrating this with alkaline water, uric acid is neutralized. Once neutralized, the excess free radicals caused by acidity (hydrogen is a free radical and acidity is concentration of free radical) will also be eliminated thus preventing abnormal cell destruction.

If you are open-minded enough to try this approach, you can try Calkaline. It is an ionic calcium which of course uses calcium to alkalize water. It is especially good if you are suffering from uric acid for a long time. This is because your body triggers homeostatic mechanisms to regulate your blood’s pH (acidity).  The body excretes uric acid through the excretory system. Uric acid that can not be processed yet are stored to the interstitial fluids. Then, the body draws minerals from your reserves to neutralize the acidity. Drawn minerals can be lost for good, that is why replacement minerals are necessary.

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