Consequences of Cold Feet: Symptoms of Gouty Ankle

Consequences of Cold Feet: Symptoms of Gouty Ankle

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One of the most amazing feats of the human civilization is being able to walk upright. This gives us the tremendous advantage of being able to reach what can’t be reached by those who walk using all limbs. It enabled us to cover vast distances faster than other species can. Most importantly, it freed our hand from having to assist in walking. However, there are diseases that can cause us to revert back to our primordial disadvantages.

Gouty Tophi in the Ankle

One such disease is gout. Specifically, ankle gout can cause severely maiming effects. The pressure exerted to the ankle will be too great and will cause pain. Because of this, one may be forced to use crutches just to be able walk upright thus depriving them of the privilege of a more freedom-oriented form of walking. Some cannot even walk at all because of the damage and severe pain it can cause.

How does the ankle get gout?

The ankle joint is a kind of synovial joint. Added to this is the presence of the synovial bursa in your ankle. This sac is very synovial in nature. This means that your ankle is a rich deposit of synovial fluids.

You may be wondering why out of several synovial joints in your body, the ankle is one of the most common prey of the vicious gout. This is because of the low relative temperature of your feet. Whether you are asleep or awake, be it winter or summer, your ankle will be one of the coldest spots in your body. And as you may already know, uric acid crystals form in cold temperatures. This is the same reason why gout attacks when a victim is asleep.

Why is the feet cold?

The low temperature in your ankle is caused by your body’s homeostatic behavior to regulate heat. You do not have an infinite well of energy, hence not an infinite source of heat. This heat regulation has your feet in the last of the priority list! Your core is more prioritized because most of your vital organs are found there.

Beware though. Too much cold feet is not normal! It may be indication of some other disease lurking within, such as Peripheral Vascular Disease and Peripheral Neural Disease.

Symptoms of gout in the ankle

Just like gout in any other part of your body, ankle gout is difficult to diagnose. This is because of several other diseases with similar symptoms to gout such as pseudo-gout, bursitis, tendinitis ganglion cyst and several others.

Gout symptoms include soreness, swelling, redness and extreme burning pain. It is usually accompanied by fever. Most of these symptoms are part of your immune system’s defensive behaviors. Nevertheless, they are still sign of possible gout.

The most ominous of these symptoms is the occasional burning pain. You may feel this months or even years prior to the formation of gout. In this case, it will be wise to take precautionary measures.

If you spot any of the symptoms, you should visit your local doctor for a more accurate diagnosis. You may undergo a diagnosis process called arthrocentesis where synovial fluids will be extracted from your joint. This in turn will be examined for the presence of uric acid crystals. Unfortunately, there are times that the doctor will not be able to extract enough synovial fluids to detect the presence of tophi. In this case, the diagnosis will be based on what you experience. You will be asked questions that include the aforementioned symptoms and additional questions such as family history of gout.

Precautionary Measures against ankle gout

Since ankle gout will be difficult to detect, it is important to take advance precautions. It is a disease that may lurk for months, years or even decades before revealing itself. That is why whether you are certain or not, it is good to take preventive methods that are healthy anyway.

This includes a low purine diet. As you may already know, uric acid is a byproduct of breaking down purine. Therefore, to lower uric acid, we should lower purine intake. This is much more effective compared to taking drugs such as allopurinol to reduce the production of uric acid, especially because these drugs have side effects.

Additional Help

Low purine diet may prove effective. However, depending on the person, may be inadequate. The rate in which we produce Uric acid vary from person to person. Some people have hypourecemia, and others suffer from hyperurecemia. The latter may cause too much uric acid production that purine abstinence may prove insufficient. Because of this, you should seek alternative ways to improve the rate in which you decompose uric acid.

One such way is to drink alkaline water. Alkalinity and acidity are contradicting properties of chemicals. Hence, increasing one will lower the other. If your blood acidity is balanced, your body is not forced to store the excess acids into the synovial fluids.

To have access to alkaline water, you can either buy a water ionizing machine. You can also purchase ionic minerals. An effective example of this is Calkaline. Calkaline is an ionic calcium derived from natural ingredients such as stalactites, oyster shells and seaweeds.

You may have read somewhere that such materials from the sea may contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury. However, contrary to this belief, Calkaline is a hundred percent clean. Rest assured that it underwent complex electrolysis process that not only resulted to its ionic nature but also its purity. Calkaline is safe, effective and relatively fast. Effects will not be instant but will be much faster than other ionic minerals out there. This is because of its ionic nature. By ionization, the size of each molecular cluster is minimized. This fact enables Calkalineto  get rid of your gout from 6 months to 2 years! During this process, you will experience reduced uric acid; reduction that is far more than medication or other alkalizer out there can do.

Suffer no more. Seek help

Whether you are yet to experience the torture of gout or already clutching a restraining crutch, there is something out there to help you. You are born to be free. You were not born for pain. Embrace your freedom. Seek help. Seek what is safe, fast, true and effective.



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