Natural Treatment for Gouty Tophi

Natural Treatment for Gouty Tophi

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Tophus can virtually be anyone’s mortal enemy. This sneaky crystal lump composed of uric acid and pain chooses no victim. Added to this savagery is the fact that its effects can range from minor pain in between your fingers to the amputation of your very hands.

Frightening. However, Tophus can be prevented and even PERMANENTLY REMOVED.

Removal of Tophus

Most likely, as you read this article, Tophus is beginning to take its toll on you. You may be suffering from severe pain resulting from your body’s physiological mechanisms trying to defeat the invader, or that invader itself wreaking havoc among your precious joints. Worse, the normal functions your body used to do are now limited. At one point of this suffering you could even have come across the thought of smashing the lump into the wall but eventually backed off confused whether the crystal will be crushed or the wall will crash against you.

But fear not. Tophi can be treated.

The good news is this notorious condition can be treated. Several approaches are offered all over the medical world. Unfortunately, most of them are temporary pain relief. If you rely on these temporary solutions, soon you will find yourself engaged in an endless cycle. You will intake painkillers today. The pain will take some break but after a day or two it will come back. Tedious right?

These medicines will relieve you of temporary suffering and will in fact harm you in the long run. Daily doses of these chemicals will add burden to your unfortunate kidney most likely resulting to kidney failures or other conditions that will ruin your excretory system.

An alternative way is to undergo a tophi removal surgery. However, this type of approach is costly and may cause future complications that will further damage your joints or may even cost your life.

Tophi can be treated. Without the chems. Without the surgery.

The safest way to remove Tophus crystals is by cutting it off from its cause and eventually remove the formed crystal. Hence, we should understand the underlying roots of Tophi.

Tophi are uric acid in crystal form

The building block of a Tophus crystal is uric acid. Therefore to understand Tophus we should understand what Uric acid is.

Uric acid is a byproduct of the chemical reaction occurring within your digestive system as your body metabolizes purine. Its chemical formula is C5H4N4O3. High concentrations of this substance, along with other acids will lower the pH level of your blood making it acidic. The natural tendency of your body is to regulate a pH of 7.4. It applies various homeostatic behaviors in order to maintain that acidity balance. One of these behaviors is to flush excess acids in your body, including uric acid. Unfortunately, our excretory system have its limits. In this case, it can’t flush out all those wastes in an instant. Specifically, the kidneys and the liver will not be able to process all those wastes in a one-time-big-time task. The liver will have to break down some of them, pass it to the kidneys and move on to the next batch. This next batch is temporarily dispatched to the interstitial fluids found within tissue spaces before being processed. This way, your body can naturally get rid of the harmful substance. But, if your intake of purine-high meals is too much, your body will be producing more uric acid as byproduct. The produced excessive uric acid in turn will accumulate over time.

When there is no more storage space available within the interstitial fluids, some of the uric acid deposits may end up being deposited to the synovial fluids between your joints. Then, crystallization gradually occurs. Once a chunk of crystal is formed, it will be easier for randomly colliding uric acid particles to be attracted to the chunk thus exponentially increasing its growth rate. Put simply, the chunk of crystal becomes a seed for further and worse crystal growth.

Over the course of years or sometimes, decades, the crystal seed accumulates enough mass to be considered as a foreign body by your immune system which employs mechanisms to get rid of the invading entity and causes painful sensations. After a few more months or years, Tophus will manifest.

Now that we understand how Tophus builds up, it is immediately obvious that the main cause of all cases of Tophus is uric acid.

Treating Tophus by Uric Acid elimination

Wild weeds grow back no matter how many times you pull them out. Therefore, it is the root that we have to eliminate. In this case, it is Uric Acid that we have to eliminate. The solution? We have to utilize the counterpart of acid; alkaline.

A pH level of 7 is considered neutral. A pH level below 7 is acidic and pH above 7 is alkaline. Our blood requires a pH of 7.4. The more acid is present in your body, the more likely it is that your blood pH level is below 7.4. Likewise, the more alkaline there is in our body, the more likely it is to pull the pH level up from below 7.4. Therefore, your body have to intake more alkaline than acid in order to eliminate the problem.

You can practice an alkaline diet, or, more conveniently, try using an activated natural mineral such as Calkaline, to turn ordinary water to alkaline water.

Calkaline is a state-of-the-art activated mineral that causes a glass of ordinary water to become ionized alkaline water with just a single drop. It is 100% guaranteed to have no toxic impurity because of the complex high temperature electrolysis it underwent during manufacturing. Added to this is the fact that it is a gift from nature, specifically coming from materials coming from the sea such as oyster shells and sea weeds.

Eliminating Uric Acid Crystals by drinking Alkaline Water

Once alkaline water begins circulating in your body, its particles behave like magnets patrolling your body. When they encounter acids to react with, they are like magnets attracted to each other and reacts, gradually causing neutrality in your pH. Excess alkaline will end up reacting with the already-formed crystals in between your joints thus slowly reducing the size of the crystal and returning the dissolved crystal back to the bloodstream.

The main problem is it will take alkaline water a very long time to reach the crystals just like how it took uric acid a long time to reach the synovial fluids. Fortunately, Calkaline’s ionized nature will increase the rate of the process.

By ionization, we mean reduction of the charged particles of an atom. In Calkaline’s case, the Calcium part of the compound is reduced by two valence electrons. This reduces the size of the molecular clusters. Smaller size means it is permeable enough to penetrate to the synovial fluids much faster than ordinary alkaline water.

You don’t have to get involved in an endless cycle. You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars trying to find the miracle cure for your tophi. You don’t have to get hampered for the rest of your life. You don’t have to get to a point where your limbs will be amputated. Start your treatment now. Eliminate the roots. Eliminate uric acid. Treat your Tophus.







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