Bane in Disguise: Gout Skin Rash

Bane in Disguise: Gout Skin Rash

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The skin is probably one of the parts of the body that most of us value so much. This is because to some, it is a symbol of beauty. Many desire to have beautiful flawless skin, believing that it is a fine addition to their arsenal of charisma. Unfortunately, not all of us can achieve such feats. Even more unfortunately, some of us suffered from diseases and complications not only ruining the aesthetic value of the skin but also causing pain and discomfort. One of these cases is the skin rashes that usually accompany gout.

Your skin is an important part of your body

You are most likely interested in understanding those white chalky lumps in your skin or maybe those rashes you had lately. But to understand that, we should first get to know your skin.

The skin is not only a decoration to make you appear beautiful, but also an organ that serves important functionalities. This include protecting the entirety of your body and serving as an important part of your excretory system.

Sweating is not only a means of regulating your temperature, but also a way to expel harmful substances in your body. This includes fine concentrations of metals such as chromium, nickel and lead. It also helps in the expulsion of nitrogenous substances from your body. Since the composition of Uric Acid is C5H4N4O3, it is mainly considered Nitrogenous in this case.

Therefore, your skin plays a major role in the expulsion of uric acid.

Are those rashes caused by gout?

Most of the times, those rashes are linked by people to gout. However, it is not directly related to gout. Rather, it is either the expelled uric acid or the drug medication that is causing this.

If you have high acidity within your bloodstream, your excretory system flushes those acids out in order to maintain a balanced pH level. One of the ways these substances are flushed out is through your skin.

There will usually be no problem when only small concentrations of these substances are expelled through the skin. However, if the concentration proves too high, you may experience some irritations in your skin. Note that this is an extremely rare occasion.

Allopurinol. Boon or bane?

The rashes you experience along with your gout is more likely to be a side effect of drug intake, as I mentioned earlier. Specifically, Allopurinol is known to cause such skin reactions.

Allopurinol is a Xanthine Oxydase Inhibitor. This means that Allopurinol will not eliminate the uric acid in your body. Instead, it will inhibit the production of Xanthine Oxydase, an enzyme necessary to digest purine. This means that it will help your gout by lowering uric acid production. Unfortunately, it is known that this drug causes different skin reactions. The most common is the skin rashes appearing all over the skin.

It can cause mild to severe itching all over the body similar to allergic reactions depending on the individual. This is because individual persons have different drug tolerance and reactions. The degree of the side effects of Allopurinol vary from individual to individual, ranging from mere itches to the relatively unknown but DEADLY TEN and SJT.


TEN (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis) is a deadly skin reaction to drugs. One of the most common drugs that cause of this is Allopurinol. It is mainly characterized by the peeling off skin. The epidermis, or the outermost layer of your skin, begins to detach from the dermis causing lesions and blisters. The mucus membranes also becomes affected causing desquamation of the tongue and mouth. Even the eyes experience burning sensations while its eyelids deteriorate.

This means that TEN peels its victims alive. This condition can prove fatal, especially when it involves necrosis where your tissues begins to be damaged by your own cells or when it leads to multiple organ failures. The more terrifying fact is it chooses no exception. White or black, rich or poor, old or young. Even Manute Bol, tallest player in the history of NBA, fell prey to this deadly fiend and eventually died due to complications. Manute Bol’s condition was SJT (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome), the “less severe” version of TEN. If the less severe variation is deadly, what more can the severe variation do?

The condition is truly terrifying. It can deprive you not only of your beauty but also of your life. Many people already lost theirs.

But fear not!

You can take countermeasures to lessen your chance of suffering from the disease. In fact you can COMPLETELY avoid the disease! Yes you can steer away from the path of this very demon! Deadly as it is, but your protection can be strong enough to fend it off. As an added bonus, you can free yourself from the grasp of skin rashes!

The solution

The solution is simple. As we usually suggest, root out the cause of the problem! In this case, Allopurinol.

Allopurinol may have helped you to a certain degree, but sooner or later the usage of this bane-in-disguise will begin to take its toll. TEN, SJT and skin rashes are none but a fraction of what damages allopurinol can inflict. You may also suffer from liver and kidney failure, eosinophilia and hepatitis to name a small portion of the long list.

Alternative for allopurinol

Temporary relief is no reason to suffer for a long-term consequence, or, in worst case scenarios, death. That it is why it is more recommendable if you will no longer take it.

”It has ridden my pain. My suffering. I owe it my life. How am I supposed to stop?”

You will most likely be asking that. Yes. It has ridden you of pain and your suffering. You owe it your life. Unfortunately, years later (or maybe months, or maybe days, or maybe hours after you read this article) , it will cause your pain. Your suffering. Your life. This thought alone should be enough to halt you, especially because there is a GENUINE AND NATURAL WAY to cure your gout.

Instead of taking allopurinol that simply stops the increase of your uric acid, take ionized alkaline water to get rid of your uric acid. Take note that it will GET RID of your uric acid. This means that even the uric acid produced prior to its intake will be removed, unlike allopurinol which cannot remove the crystallized tophi within your body. You can try Calkaline. Its ionized nature make it faster than any other water alkalizer out there. It is permeable enough to penetrate through the Synovial fluids with relative ease. However, take note that it will take months to a couple of years to totally eliminate your gouty tophi. If you want a detailed explanation of how ionized alkaline water eliminates gout, you can read it HERE

Safe. Natural. Trustworthy

We feel good that you stumbled upon this article. Many never had the opportunity to undergo the natural process of eliminating gouty tophi. Some never had the knowledge. Some patients had to suffer from the drawbacks of chemical medications just to relieve their gouty dilemma. It is saddening. We hope that you take the opportunity to no longer suffer the undeserved pain. We hope that you choose to eliminate your problem once and for all, in a safe, natural and trustworthy way. We hope that you will not have to face demons such as TEN and SJT.

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