Gout Inheritance Pattern

Gout Inheritance Pattern

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Have you experienced waking up to agonizing moans of pain? Or maybe you yourself woke up moaning or even screaming. Gout attack.

Most likely, you or someone you love is suffering from the torturous villainy of gout. You may even be petrified by the doctor’s claims about gout.

“I’m so sorry. Gout has no cure. All you can do is relieve the pain.” Shocked about the so called “truth”, you find yourself asking your respected doctor “Wait, what? So how did I even have this condition? “ .

“Excessive uric acid”. The doctor then began to bombard you with both medical and genetic jargons. “Do you have a family history of gout?”

“If memory serves me right, my uncle’s stepmom’s great grandfather suffered from gout attacks”

“Oh, that explains why my dear.”

“Gout is hereditary”. Claims the doctor.

Totally head scratching right? You are deeply stricken with fear that your child, grandchild and even your great grandchild’s children may suffer from gout simply because your ancestors did.

Doctors claim gout to be hereditary, though as of today not enough scientific knowledge can prove the inheritance pattern of gout. However, there are other genetic factors that may cause gout. More specifically, these are factors that leads to Uric Acid Build-Up.

More terrifyingly, they claim that gout has no cure. But there is. The cure for gout is real. That is no science fiction.


Hereditary Factors Affecting Gout


                Gout is not directly inherited.

Let us take this metaphorical comparison:

A filthy rich businessman is on his death bed. He has two sons. One of them, the firstborn, is going to inherit all the wealth to be left by his father. The second one will inherit his diary. However, the diary contains all his secrets in achieving such wealth. Years later, the second son is as rich as the firstborn.

In this case, the first son directly inherited wealth, while the second one did not directly inherit. In a nutshell, you do not inherit gout but the factors contributing to gout. These factors primarily contributes to uric acid build up which in turn causes the feared gout.

So how does this uric acid cause gout? Well, the normal acidity level of the blood is ph 7.4 (7 is neutral). If acidity increases, our body’s homeostasis takes charge and applies mechanism to flush excess acids out. However, your body will not be able to excrete all of the acids simultaneously. Portions of them are temporarily stored in the interstitial fluids surrounding your cells and tissues. If the amount of uric acid building up in the interstitial fluids is too high, some of them are forced to seep deeper into the synovial fluids between your joints. Eventually, the uric acid deposit in your joints will be crystallized. Once your immune system detects this build up, they are regarded as aliens to your body thus triggering defense mechanism that causes both the pain and the inflammation.

The sole root of gout is uric acid build-up. There’s no such thing as gout inheritance.



Now that you know how uric acid causes gout, here are the hereditary factors leading to gout.

  • Inherited Diet Preference – your genes dictate your preferences, including how you choose what to eat. If your father eats stuff that causes the skyrocketing of uric acid, it is more likely that your instinctive diet preference is the same. Hence, it is more likely that you will both suffer from gout.
  • Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome – this is a genetic syndrome resulting in increased synthesis and decreased usage of purine. This condition increases the risk of gout. Take note that despite this syndrome, you can prevent gout unlike hereditary health problems that are directly inherited.
  • Hereditary Organ Problems – these health problems include hereditary organ failure, diabetes and obesity.
    • Kidney Failure – our kidneys filter uric acid. Therefore, if we inherited kidney failure, excess uric acid is increased.
    • Liver Failure – our liver is responsible for metabolizing the uric acid before it is passed into the kidney for filtration. Hence, if the liver begins to fail, uric acid is distributed into other parts of our body, including the interstitial fluids mentioned earlier.

It is not gout that you inherited. It is uric acid problems.

Now that you are aware of the actual problem let us proceed to the cure.

The Cure for Gout

How do we kill the stray weeds growing in our lawn? We root them out. Hence to, cure your gout we should focus on taking out the root.

Surely, traditional doctors have presented ways to lessen your pain, including colchicine and painkillers. Unfortunately, this approach costs you not only maintenance money but also some serious side effects. They will deprive you of the opportunity to live a long life. All medicines and chemicals have levels of acidity and toxicity. Colchicine for instance, can cause toxicity in the bone marrow, liver and nerves. This does not take effect soon but becomes obvious in the long run.

So why will you settle to ways that will not cure you and will only worsen your situation? Focus on a way that will cure you. Focus on a way that will eliminate the root.

By applying the laws of chemistry, one will arrive to the proposition that alkaline neutralizes acids. Hence, we can intake ionized alkaline water to finally get rid of the uric acid. Through this approach, not only will the uric acid level in your body begin to decline but also the process of Hyperuricemia can be reversed.

The reversal may take up to a year. However, an accurate shot against the target is better than an endless cycle of ingesting maintenance meds. Eliminating the problem once and for all is a thousand times better than temporarily patch repairs.

Where can I find the cure?

Ionization and Alkalinization of water can both be achieved by a single drop of Calkaline Ionized Calcium.

Calkaline is a natural alkaline built from the very treasure of the sea! Through the state of the art nanotechnology, these materials are reduced to 10-30 nanometers. Hence, this material is ideal for reaching the synovial fluids between your joints and neutralize the crystals infesting them. Calkaline Ionized Calcium is a surefire way to cure your gout.

Moneyback Guarantee

Ordering Calkaline is a no-lose situation for you.

In case you do not feel the effects after six months, you can phone them and have them refund your money. No more questions will be asked.

This is solely based on mutual trust agreement. They trust you.







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